Art Deco Weekend is around the corner!

The Art Deco Weekend festival is coming our way January 17 – 19, 2014 in Miami Beach! This fantastic weekend getaway which has attracted visitors and locals since 1976 was started by the Miami Design Preservation League, a non-profit organization that assists in the preservation, protection, and promotion of the architectural, social, economical, and environmental integrity of Miami Beach’s historic background.

Art Deco Weekend is aimed to bring an appreciation to Miami Beach’s Art Deco Historic District and its arts and culture of the Art Deco era of 1925 through 1945. This is the era when the likes of Spider-Man, Mickey Mouse, Superman, and Shirley Temple first debuted.

This historic weekend drives over 250,000 people throughout three days and features more than 85 events that include guided tours through the most historic areas in Miami Beach, film series showings, lectures, collectible vendors, classic car exhibits, musical attractions, theatrical and dance performances, exhibits, parades, a dog promenade, and much more!

Most of the events during the three-day festival are free to the public which makes it great for taking the family and friends out to enjoy.

Make sure to make plans for this historically fun-filled weekend in Miami Beach and enjoy Miami Beach history at its finest. Visit for the complete lineup of events taking place all over Miami Beach. Also, check out their Facebook Page for updates, and more.