Art of Wining: Verdejo

Wine drinking is a massive culture that continues to grow worldwide and wine events and festivals are a great way to experience an array of different types of wines from regions across the world. As frequent attendees of wine festivals all over South Florida, we have become somewhat of wine connoisseurs. We have sampled wines from all over the world of different brands, vintages, fermentation processes, and appellations.

We were recently gifted with a couple of bottles of Verdejo wines by Palacios de Bornos (2013) and Protos (2013). Verdejo is Spain’s signature white grape that originated in Northern Africa and spread into Rueda around the 11th century. Verdejo wines have an excellent stability between acidities and minerality that makes a delicious dinner wine, and is offered in a variety of brands and vintages.

IMG_4710-1We conducted a blind test to set aside any biases towards either brand and so our views remained impartial. Our blind test of Protos Verdejo offered a compelling aroma that was predominated by tropic fruits like melons, pineapples, and passion fruit. It also offered softer vegetable aromas with fennel and white floral notes hinted with a subtle scent of honey. After conducting our blind test, we searched the internet for foods to pair with Protos Verdejo. We found several seafood dishes that would perfectly accompany this wine. We paired it with filets of oven-baked Mahi and used some of the Verdejo wine with herbs to mesh in the tropical fruits dominated by the wine. Additionally, we had grilled garlic shrimp with a side of asparagus and cauliflower cheese. Protos Verdejo is a very good wine with special qualities when paired accordingly with a matching dish.

We drank Palacios de Bornos Verdejo on a separate day than the Protos to experience them both individually. In our blind test of Palacios de Bornos, it was similar in taste to the Protos, but with a stronger aromatic scent of fruits that included lemongrass, lemon thyme, and tangerines. Bornos is a fuller and denser Verdejo. Bornos also has an enduring aftertaste that allows you to savor every last drop. We looked up some nice pairings for Palacios de Bornos and found that it is an everyday type of Verdejo that can be paired with any type of small snack or pasta. Palacios de Bornos is a good, solid made wine.

Don’t miss the chance to experience Verdejo wines on Thursday, June 12, 2014 for National Verdejo Day at Soho Beach in Miami Beach. If you can’t make the event, both wines are reasonably priced and can be found at your local wine stores.

Click here for more info on the National Verdejo Day event at Soho Beach.