Cebiche Bar | Pembroke Pines

When we crave Peruvian food, we head out on an adventure to find local restaurants that will offer to fix our craving. This time around, we found a fairly new restaurant inside of the 108th street and Pines Boulevard’s south side shopping center. Since we frequent the area, we noticed the place one day and made it a point to stop in to try them out. We’ve visited several Peruvian restaurants in the past, so our taste buds are pretty-well versed in this arena. The place is not that big, but comfortable. Seats a maximum of approximately 50 people. Small, but not cramped. It is your typical mom and pop restaurant.

IMG_3674We sat down and were immediately attended by the busboy that brought us out our menus, a small plate of toasted Peruvian corn, and their signature Peruvian Ají Sauce. We ordered a Mixed Cebiche (Cebiche Mixto) platter, their Seafood Sautéed (Saltado de Marsicos), and Inca Cola. When you order Peruvian food, you have to have an Inca Cola with it. It’s just tradition.

We received our food and started with the Mixed Cebiche. The dish contained an assortment of seafood that included squid, mussels, shrimp, octopus, and fish soaked in lime juice with red onion slivers, Peruvian boiled corn, more toasted corn, and two slices of sweet potato. You can request the dish regular, mild, or spicy. We ordered ours mildly spiced to get a center taste of both worlds. The seafood was so fresh that you can still taste a hint of sea water in the mussels. The remainder of the seafood was perfectly cured in the lime juice and mild ají. We’ve been to some other places where the seafood was more raw than cured. Not good.

The mild spice was just right. Not too soft, or too strong. The only thing about this cebiche was that it was a little too salty for our taste buds and the serving size could’ve been a little more sizable. As we picked from our cebiche, we would reach over frequently and pick at our Seafood Sautéed. Now this dish was perfect! This was a shrimp, squid, and octopus sautéed plate with onions, tomatoes, and french fried potatoes, served with lightly seasoned rice in a gravy so succulent that we could’ve drank it. No objections here!

Cebiche Bar Fine Peruvian Cuisine also has an array of appetizers, other styles of cebiches, tiraditos, sautéed entrées, Peruvian fried noodles and rice, and daily special dishes. It is a fairly priced restaurant for those seeking to stop by for lunch, or a quick dinner like we did. If you are ever in the Pembroke Pines area and are looking for Peruvian cuisine, this is a place you can stop by, enjoy, and walk out satisfied.

Cebiche Bar Fine Peruvian Cuisine
10860 Pines Boulevard
Pembroke Pines, FL 33026

For Delivery Call: 954-443-7003