Lhardy Kitchen + Bar | Coral Gables

Lhardy Kitchen + Bar is a downtown Coral Gables eclectic dining experience. You are immediately taken by the interior design of Lhardy with its Colonial 1700s decor. The interior design exuberates passion and romance for those seeking a memorable evening. The restaurant is part of a unique brand and concept of restaurants, nightclubs, and hotels with locations all over the world. As culturally diverse as the City of Miami is, Lhardy Kitchen + Bar could not have found a better location than in the heart of Coral Gables, FL. Serving an array of international cuisines, Lhardy Kitchen + Bar leaves no stone unturned.

This Fall, Lhardy Kitchen + Bar introduces new menu items which we were fortunate enough to sample firsthand. We were presented with an array of specialty drinks that included items from the menu, and some improvised drinks.  We sipped on an Old Fashioned and a succulent Lychee Martini from their menu which were your traditional versions.  We were then served two impromptu drinks that were not on the menu by one of their skilled bartenders.  The first one was a jalapeño, tequila, and watermelon infused drink that was perfectly balanced to neutralize each others’ potency.  The second impromptu drink was a watermelon-infused martini with lychee.

IMG_1774After sipping on these delicious cocktails, we were then introduced to three different-styled pizzas.  The Lhardy Pizza is a flat-bread pie with mushrooms, sliced tomatoes, and crispy bacon.  The Bufala Pizza  is served with mozzarella, tomato sauce, and chopped basil, and the Sweet and Sour Pizza (our favorite) consisted of crispy eggplant, honey, balsamic glaze, and arugula salad. We then had a very refreshing and tasty specialty house salad called the Kani Salad which was flaked with tempura and tobiko. A favorite among the crowd of samplers was the Smoked Chipotle Tuna Tartare that was served with capers, leeks, and won-ton chips.  Last but not least, we indulged in and licked our fingers of Sicilian-style Arancini with Napolitana sauce, and juicy Jerk-marinated Wings with a homemade Gorgonzola dipping sauce.

All new menu items are as tasty as they sound and will be introduced this fall into Lhardy Kitchen + Bar’s revised menu. Lhardy Kitchen + Bar is located in the heart of downtown Coral Gables at 301 Miracle Mile. For more information, full menu, and reservations, you can visit www.lhardy.us.