Liquid Ice Cream

Everyone has a weakness and if yours is ice cream, then it’s a must that you try Liquid Ice Cream! Who hasn’t had the usual ice cream parlor experience where you pick your favorite flavor and your ice cream is scooped right up from a tub, and put onto a cone, cup, or bowl. Well how about something a little different? Liquid nitrogen ice cream made to order!

Liquid Ice Cream will deliver an ice cream making experience with the satisfaction of downing spoonfuls of ice cream so enjoyable, you’re sure to want a few more scoops! Choose your flavor and witness the creamiest, most delicious ice cream made right in front of your eyes, scooped up, and served to you with your favorite toppings.

Where can you get your hands on some of this delicious Liquid Ice Cream you ask? Well, you’re in luck! You can have Liquid Ice Cream at your next party, private event, fundraiser, wedding, or any event that calls for some creamy, great tasting, made to order ice cream!

For more information give Liquid Ice Cream a call at 305-989-9535 or visit them at