Media Night at BC Cafe!

We were recently invited to a Media Night conducted by BC Café. For those of you who are not familiar with BC Café, they are a branch off of the popular BC Tacos Food Truck that we try to pay a visit to every time we see them. BC Café opened its doors in May 2013 and is located in Davie, FL.

If you are a fan of BC Tacos like we are, then you have to stop by BC Café! If you’ve never experienced any of BC’s dishes, then this is the perfect moment to ready your taste buds for an experience.

Are you ready?!?! Here goes!

Our first course began with a series of gourmet tacos creatively named The Hunter, Encino Man, Stoneage Shrimp, and The Gatherer. The Hunter is a perfectly seasoned steak taco with lettuce and cheddar cheese. The Encino Man is a delicious buffalo mahi with lettuce, cheddar cheese, and sliced avocado.

The Stoneage Shrimp is exactly what it is and what you would expect in a shrimp taco topped with lettuce and cheddar cheese. The Gatherer is a fan favorite mouth-watering fried avocado (Yes! Fried Avocado!) taco with lettuce, mozzarella cheese, and drizzled with chipotle mayonnaise.

The second course, or Round Two as we called it, were some customer favorites. Oh man, we tasted why?!? The course featured a Bacon Cheddar Onion Burger, a Turkey Burger, and a braised beef short rib slider with lettuce called The Fred.

Round 3, or our Third Course featured sample items from their specialty nights like Burrito Night, Noodle Night, Burger Night, Taco Night, and Brunch. A Korean Short Rib Burrito with Kimchee Fried rice is served on Burrito Night. On the Noodle Night, they serve a Pork Belly and Oxtail Ramen, which is as flavorful as it sounds. The Havana Burger on Burger Night is a must-have for Cuban sandwich lovers! This is a burger topped with mojo-seasoned pork, Swiss cheese, pickles, sweet plantains, and mustard all-in-one hefty-sized burger.

The NOLA BBQ Shrimp taco is one of our favorites from their food trucks also offered at their Café. This shrimp taco is served with fried green tomatoes, Andouille croutons, and old bay aioli on Taco Night. Lastly for this course was in instant favorite that we have never tried. The Chicken and Waffle Sliders! Oh boy, were these considered must-haves for brunch!

Finally for our Fourth Course, we were treated to a Crème Brulee Taco! A Crème Brulee Taco?!?! Yes! That’s exactly what we said! This was an orgasmic dessert presented as what one would envision by its name. A slightly deep-fried flour tortilla covered in fine sugar and folded like a taco. This was stuffed with fine custard, flaked over with burnt sugar, and paired with an assortment of bourbon and passion fruit flavored Macarons.

We’ve been to BC Café prior to being invited for Media Night and the service of the staff is immaculate and super-attentive which sometimes makes or breaks a business. This business started off as Food Truck for a couple of years prior to expanding into a local must-visit Café. If any of the following has enticed you to make a stop into BC Café or bump into their BC Tacos Food Truck, tell them the BigMouthGirlz sent you!

Thank you BC Cafe and the chef behind it all, Chef Leo for a delicious night! Everything was simply amazing!

BC Café is located at:
4801 South University Drive #123
Davie, FL 33328

You can also find out more about them and pay them a visit by “Liking” and “Following” them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @BCCafeFL @ChefLeo01.


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Photo Credit: Katrina Golobowich