R.S.V.P. Cocktail Skinnies…Yes, Please!

After a fun-filled weekend with premium cocktail mixers, R.S.V.P. Cocktail Skinnies, we must say…they’re worth Big Mouthin’ about!

No need to worry about the sugar and calorie intake while enjoying a cocktail made with these brand new, all-natural, zero calorie, and zero sugar mixers. Made with only the best 100% plant-based ingredients, these little convenient cocktail stick packs are ready to be mixed with your favorite rum, vodka, or tequila, easy to take anywhere, and perfect for any occasion.

unnamed-2R.S.V.P. Cocktail Skinnies come in three popular happy hour flavors. The Miami Breeze…which is our favorite, is a mix of fresh pineapple and coconut flavors best mixed with either light or dark rum. The New York Cosmo, is blended with natural plant extracts which delivers the exquisite flavors of cranberry and lime juices best mixed with vodka. Last but not least, the Baja Margarita. This is a blend of carefully crafted natural lemon and lime flavors that delivers the right amount of sweet and sour best mixed with tequila.

Diet or no diet, R.S.V.P. Cocktail Skinnies are definitely cocktail worthy for your next home gathering, happy hour, or for just relaxing by the pool. Give them a try! You can purchase a four-pack that includes six skinnies for just $24 online. They are also available for purchase at Crown Wine & Spirits locations in Miami and Fort Lauderdale.

Please drink responsibly! Cheers!

For more information about R.S.V.P. Cocktail Skinnies, visit www.rsvpskinnines.com.