Silverspot Cinema in Coconut Creek, FL is Now Open!

Your typical dinner and movie night has been upgraded and we’ve got the fabulous scoop! Get ready because you’re in for a real treat at Silverspot Cinema in Coconut Creek, FL.

We attended the VIP Opening Reception where we had the privilege of meeting Francisco “Pancho” Schlotterbeck, CEO of Silverspot Cinema. He sat down with us and gave us a little background on Silverspot Cinemas mentioning the Coconut Creek, FL location is the second in the United States with the Naples, FL location being the first. He also informed us that…get excited Miami…plans for expansion in Fall of 2016 includes a theater in Downtown Miami!

“We are excited to bring our concept and entertainment venue destination to South Florida with what we expect to be the best place in the area to see a movie,” said Francisco “Pancho” Schlotterbeck.

We also got a grand tour by General Manager, Jerry Ernst who gave us some great information about the theater and its mission. In addition to showcasing mainstream Hollywood fare, the theater will also showcase alternative programming with independent films, award-winning foreign films, and exclusive screenings of operas, ballets, concerts, and theater. Supporter of local film festivals, Silverspot will also host their own “mini” genre-centric fests such as a Shakespeare event this fall.

Screen-Shot-2015-10-01-at-1.40.29-PMSilverspot Cinema, this beautiful upscale theater, has everything you need to enjoy an amazing movie and dinner night…and may we add, the most comfortable theater chairs your buns will ever sit in! Indulge in delicious food from a full-service restaurant, a concession stand with everything from sliders and pizza; to popcorn and specialty sweets, and a killer bar with refreshing cocktails all waiting for you before your movie selection begins.

Make dinner and a movie night plans today! Grab friends for a fun night out or make it a romantic evening with a special date, and get to Silverspot Cinemas in Coconut Creek, FL. Let them know the Big Mouth Girlz sent you! Enjoy!

Silverspot Cinema
4441 Lyons Rd.
Coconut Creek, FL 33073