Tango Lovers at the Colony Theatre – November 20th

Tango Lovers at the Colony Theatre – November 20th

Inspired by the rhythms of big cities comes Tango Lovers bringing all the passion and sensuality directly from Rio de la Plata: Argentina and Uruguay. “El Pais” from Uruguay calls it “Tango at the best Broadway Style”. With its unique appeal to all generations, Tango Lovers features a multi-award winning cast with world-class dancers accompanied by the rhythms of an orchestra, members of Symphonic and Philharmonic ensembles and talented vocalists.

Tango Lovers tells you stories through their intense artistic expression. Tango Lovers blends the different sensations of tango taking them to high levels through a display of dance, lighting and stunning dresses, walking the audience through different stages and nuances of Tango until our modern days.

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Colony Theatre
1040 Lincoln Rd
Miami Beach, FL 33139