The Breathtaking Cirque du Soleil: Michael Jackson Immortal World Tour!

The Cirque du Soleil Michael Jackson Immortal World Tour is completely breathtaking! Witness the legacy of Michael Jackson as his music is portrayed through a series of acts by Cirque du Soleil in a tour that captivates audiences’ hearts around the world.

This creative rendition of the late King of Pop’s music by Cirque du Soleil captured Michael Jackson’s love for music, dance, earth, children, and people in a production that even brought some to tears. As Cirque continually delivers with its ongoing series of productions, the Michael Jackson Immortal World Tour is nothing short of being the best show of all time.

IMG_2270The production featured Michael Jackson’s all-time greatest hits like Childhood, Wanna be Starting Something, Ben, Scream, Smooth Criminal, Dangerous, Thriller, Beat it, Man in the Mirror, and many more!

Childhood opened to the gates of the famed Neverland Ranch as a mime awakens bronze statuettes that live within. The song Ben celebrated Michael’s love and affinity of animals. Smooth Criminal was an amazing choreography of his iconic moves by an assembly of skilled dancers. Dangerous was performed by a female acrobatic pole-dancer in a “dangerous” piece surrounded by gangsters. Thriller re-imagined the original choreography of the ever-popular music video with the performers dressing as mummies while executing their acts through coffins, tombstones, and roots. Scream was a synchronized effort of tumbling acts and on-stage belly-flopping that left us in awe. Beat it revealed an array of Michael’s accessories as audience member watched his famous glove and penny loafers come to life in an inspiring sequence. A mega-mix of Can You Feel it, Don’t Stop until you get Enough, Billie Jean, and Black or White presented a mixture of music, choreography, and acrobatics that only Cirque can master.

Cirque’s acrobatic performance brought a new vision to Michael’s music with performers from all over the world entranced by his music. As Michael always said about anything he ever put on, “It has to be the best.” The Cirque du Soleil Michael Jackson Immortal World Tour is just that, THE BEST! From the costumes (especially the LED costumes), set design, acrobatic stunts, choreography, to the musicians, this Cirque du Soleil production is an exciting, energetic, and nostalgic MASTERPIECE that is a MUST-SEE!

Catch the last show tonight, May 24th at the BB&T Center located at 1 Panther Pkwy., Sunrise, FL 33323. Click here for tickets!