“The Liar” presented by FIU Theatre

A complete and utter LIE! A spectacular display of deception! FIU Theatre’s cast of The Liar entertains from opening to closing act. Adapted from the original play by Pierre Corneille and written by David Ives, The Liar is an urban comedy about a young man named Dorante (Danny Leonard) who arrives to Paris with one minor imperfection, he cannot tell the truth. Upon arriving, Dorante meets Cliton (Julio Liverpool), a manservant who cannot lie, and travels with him through a series of dishonest encounters.

The play features a cleverly selected cast of actors and actresses that harmoniously bring the characters to life right before your eyes. Danny Leonard ingeniously enlivens the role of Dorante, and turns a sword fight into a monologue. Zach Myers owns the role of Alcippe with his boisterous voice and command of the stage. Lucille Cocco and Mariana Vallejo both dazzle as they play Clarice and Lucrece; the love interests of Dorante and Alcippe. Tatiana Pandiani fascinates by playing both Isabelle and Sabine, which required a consistent change of wardrobe and character that was to be admired. Julio Liverpool highly animates the role of Cliton through a jester-ly approach, which adapts to the role seamlessly. Mike Englemann and Patrick Rodriguez were fantastic embracing their supporting roles as Philiste and Geronte. Directed by Michael Yawney and assisted by Danny Blanco, the entire cast and crew deserves recognition for this production which makes it a must see before it closes on March 10th at 2:00pm. Go see “THE LIAR!”

Wertheim Performing Arts Center
10910 SW 17 Street
Miami, FL 33199