Women’s Breast Health Initiative: 2014 Summer Breast Cancer Awareness

October is known as Breast Cancer Awareness Month but the disease affects women all year round. 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer and nearly 40,000 die each year. The Women’s Breast Health Initiative, Florida Affiliate (WBHI) has a summer breast cancer awareness campaign offering life-saving mammograms to women in Miami-Dade and South Broward counties.

The Women’s Breast Health Initiative, Florida Affiliate, is a nonprofit organization that provides critical information and screenings to women in South Florida. Dedicated to fighting breast cancer as a deadly disease, WBHI empowers at-risk women to beat breast cancer through targeted door to door outreach, referrals, screening and/or treatment. WBHI believes that all women should benefit from the prevention and early detection of breast cancer, regardless of their ability to pay.

Ladies if you haven’t received your mammogram this year, give the Women’s Breast Health Initiative a call at (305) 825-4081 to make an appointment today.

For more information, visit www.flbreasthealth.com.